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Omega 909 Super Engine Oil Additive

Engine Oil
909Super Engine Oil Additive

• Unique 22-additives package includes Omega V.I.I. (Viscosity Index Improver).
• Superior formula keeps engines at peak efficiency for extended periods.
• Coats & lubricates even "neglected" engine parts


Omega 909 Super Engine Oil Additive is the "Proven Improver" that modern engines demand for top performance and older engines need to run efficiently.

  • Omega 909 features a unique package of 22 additives that includes Omega V.I.I. (Viscosity Index Improver) for unmatched lubrication characteristics.
  • Omega 909 is quality formulated to keep engines at their peak efficiency for extended periods – even under continual heavy loads.
  • Omega 909 coats and lubricates even "neglected" engine parts including valve guides, timing chains and piston rings.


Omega 909 is the super engine oil additive that:

  • Immediately stops damaging engine oil contaminants for ndermining engine performance.
  • Ensures super lubricity to boost engine power for immediate and noticeable results.
  • Prevents formation of carbon, varnish and tars for smoother, free-revving engine operation.
  • Provides effective lubrication during engine start-up – the period of highest engine wear.


  • Omega 909 is super packed with a unique bundle of 22 additives that are scientifically blended to boost performance and prolong engine life. 
  • Omega 909 has been successfully tested and proven in millions of engines worldwide in all types of conditions. 
  • Use Omega 909 for all types of gasoline (petrol) engines and diesel-powered equipment that uses recirculating engine oil.