Omega 58 Superior Food Machinery grease

Purity-controlled – formulated
specially for clean environment
58Superior Food Machinery Grease
•Purity-controlled – formulated specially for clean environment applications.
•Withstands variety of acids common to food production. 
•Provides excellent water & wash-out resistance.


Omega 58 Superior Food Machinery Grease is "The Universal Food Contact Lubricant" that is so pure you can eat it!
  • Omega 58 is purity-controlled and quality formulated especially for food and beverage industries and other clean environment applications.
  • Omega 58 withstands a variety of acids found in food production, including citric, acetic, malic, tomato and tartaric acids.
  • Omega 58 provides excellent water and wash-out resistance,making it the ideal choice for food and beverage use.


Omega 58 is the superior food machinery grease that:
  • Is made from superior quality base materials compounded with a special filler and highly refined paraffinic oils.
  • Features Omega's unique "Megalite" supplements to ensure metal surfaces are provided with durable and long-lasting protection.
  • Does not alter even under extreme temperature fluctuations – will not thin out under warm conditions nor become brittle at cold temperatures.
  • Stands up to detergents and cleaning compounds commonly used in clean environment processing areas.


Omega 58 can be successfully used in every industry where lubricant contact with food is likely to cause contamination problems.
Use Omega 58 in:
  • Steam Bottle Washing Plants 
  • Hospitals 
  • Veterinary Services 
  • Wineries 
  • Dairies 
  • Canneries and Allied Industries 
  • Vegetable Sorting and Processing Industries 
  • Fruit Packing Equipment 
  • Restaurants and Hotels 
  • Anywhere where edible and health material is produced for eventual consumption. Omega 58 is also the right choice for abattoir and poultryhandling systems.