Industrial Lubricants

Omega 690 Super EP Gear Oil


Super EP Gear Oil

• Silences noisy gears & reduces operating temperature due to superior lubricity.
• Follows the gear train tenaciously to prevent "dry" gears.
• Eliminates seal "weep" & leakage due to oil foaming.


  • Omega 690 Super EP Gear Oil is the revolutionary CTA (Compensatory Thermostat Action) gear oil that surpasses API GL-5 and GL-6 requirements when other oils barely attain GL-4.
  • Omega 690 gives superior lubricity and friction reduction to silence noisy gear sets and depress operating temperature.
  • Omega 690 follows the gear train tenaciously to prevent "dry" gears and premature parts wear.
  • Omega 690 eliminates seal "weep" and leakage due to oil foaming.


Omega 690 is the super EP (extreme-pressure) gear oil that:

  • Is super stable – works to effectively prevent sludging, thickening and "hit-and-miss" lubrication.
  • Features special moisture deflection action that enables rapid and reliable separation from water contamination to eliminate emulsification and allows easy drain-off of water condensation in gearboxes. Will not wash out.
  • Dramatically reduces metal-to-metal contact and promotes long-term gear life.
  • Prevents "acid" formation within gearboxes for optimum performance.


  • Omega 690 is quality formulated for "One-Product Versatility" – lubricates automotive and industrial gear sets and other difficult extreme-pressure applications.
  • Omega 690 is made from only the highest quality base oils and finest additives to ensure superior viscosity index, high flash point, superior heat resistance and enhanced natural lubricity.
    Use Omega 690 for :
  • Automotive – Transmissions, Transfer cases and Differentials including those fitted with limited slip devices.
  • Industrial – all types of enclosed gears requiring EP gear oil.