Omega 73 Waterproof Open Gear Grease

73-imageWaterproof Open Gear Grease

• Has super affinity to metal to resist fling-off & wipe-off.
• Has outstanding water resistance to minimize wash-off in wet
• Has high extreme-pressure properties to prevent gear surfaces scoring,
                                   galling & scuffing.



Omega 73 Waterproof Open Gear Grease is the weather resistant. "Protective Wedge" that keeps gears in silent mesh.
  • Omega 73 has a super affinity to metal surfaces – stays in place even in the wet conditions.
  • Omega 73 is quality engineered with special viscosity enhancers to maintain effective  lubrication at high, low and fluctuating temperatures.
  • Omega 73 seals out and neutralizes contaminants to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency for longer periods.



Omega 73 is the waterproof open gear grease that:

  • Contains highly active extreme pressure additives to prevent direct metal-to-metal contact in  heavy-duty applications.
  • Is designed to handle modern load factors and gear design.
  • Stands up to shock, pressure, squeeze-out and fling-off.
  • Prevents or reduces wiping, scuffing, galling, rippling, sliding, pitting, scoring and clawing.


Omega 73 is is a special weather-resistant open gear lubricant that clings tenaciously in position regardless of wind, rain, sleet, snow, sun, dust and other related elements.

Use Omega 73 in:

  • Cranes
  • Hoists
  • Wind Pumps
  • Winches
  • Heavy Equipment 
  • Timber Drags 
  • Rail Pulleys 
  • Funiculars 
  • Cable Ways 
  • Ski Lifts 
  • And thousands of applications where a quality weather-resistant lubricant is required.