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Shell Corena S2 R


Shell Corena S2 R is a detergent compressor oil that gives good oil life for sliding-vane and screw rotary air compressors. It is an oil that you can rely on to help keep rotary air compressors clean by helping to prevent the deposits that can reduce system efficiency. It is widely recognised by leading equipment manufacturers.

 Designed to protect

Protecting compressors from damage can help to increase service life and maximise your return on investment. Shell Corena S2 R can help to achieve this, as it 

  •  exceeds industry-standard gear-wear requirements; thus it helps to protect geared compressor components. It passes load stage 10 of the FZG gear-wear test (ANSI/AGMA 9005‑E02 requirements for ISO 32 oils).
  • provides excellent bearing-wear defence, as it passes the four-ball weld load test at >150 kg (IP 239 test method).

Designed for long oil life

Limiting fluid degradation can help to prolong oil life. Shell Corena S2 R is designed to help you operate your compressors for longer without interruption – for reduced maintenance requirements and enhanced productivity. Shell Corena S2 R delivers

  • Up to 4,000 hours' oil life in many less-demanding applications, as demonstrated by its performance in the Shell Hydrovane test running at 85°C. It also provides over 800 hours' oil life in more-severe applications, as shown in the same test running at 120°C, which is five to six times more severe than the normal test. 
  • Good oxidation stability in the industry-standard oil oxidation test (ASTM D2272), which shows it has a comparable life to many of the oils typically used in less-severe compressor applications. 

Designed for SYSTEM efficiency 

Deposits, air bubbles in the oil and foaming can reduce rotary compressor efficiency. Shell Corena S2 R offers.

  • Enhanced system cleanliness through detergents that help to keep critical components clean, including oil stop valves and scavenging lines
  • fast air release, which helps to reduce the risk of cavitation and oil oxidation, and thus enables the oil to maintain a protective film on bearings
  • good foaming performance, which helps to reduce downtime due to low-oil alarms and failure to start.