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Shell Corena S4 P


Shell Corena S4 P is the ultimate Shell reciprocating air compressor oil. It uses an advanced, synthetic, ashless-technology formulation to provide extended oil and equipment life. It is an oil that you can rely on to help keep your highest temperature and pressure reciprocating air compressors working efficiently for longer and thus provide enhanced compressed air availability for increased productivity. It is widely recognised by leading equipment manufacturers.


Designed to protect

Protecting compressors from damage can help to increase service life and maximise your return on investment. Shell Corena S4 P offers

  • excellent protection across a wide temperature range, as it is
  • excellent four-ball wear test performance compared with Shell Corena S2 P, as it passes at 170 kg.

Designed for long oil life

Limiting fluid degradation can help to prolong oil life. Shell Corena S4 P is designed to help you operate for longer without interruption – for reduced maintenance requirements and enhanced productivity. Shell Corena S4 P delivers

  • up to 10 times longer oil life than Shell Corena S2 P in industry-standard oxidation tests.

Designed for SYSTEM efficiency 

Deposits can cause dangerous compressor air-line explosions. Keeping pistons, valves and air lines clean is also critical for air compressor efficiency. Good water separation, air release and foaming resistance properties are also important for system efficiency. Shell Corena S4 P helps to keep compressors clean. It provides

  • up to 85% less carbon deposits than the maximum allowed under the industry-standard requirements.

Specifications and approvals

Shell Corena S4 P is suitable for compressors from a wide range of manufacturers, and is
available in viscosity grades ISO 68 and 100.

Real-world val ue delivery

Using a dedicated reciprocating air
compressor oil such as Shell Corena S4 P
can help to

  • control deposit build-up to reduce the risk of dangerous compressor air-line explosions
  • reduce maintenance costs and increase the availability of compressed air for enhanced productivity.


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