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Shell Diala S3 ZX-IG


Shell Diala S3 ZX-IG is a state-of-the-art, inhibited electrical insulating oil. It is manufactured from highly refined mineral oils and has long-life characteristics. Crucially, it has gas-absorbing characteristics that make it an ideal choice for very high voltage, direct-current (HVDC) transformer applications and
instrument transformers and bushings. In addition, it is widely recognised and approved by leading equipment manufacturers and is non-corrosive to copper, as proved in the latest and most severe copper corrosion tests. It also has good low-temperature properties, which are vital for efficient heat transfer inside the transformer, even at low temperatures.


Designed to protect

The gas-absorption properties of an electrical insulating oil are vital for HVDC transformer applications, as they can help to prolong equipment life. In the industry-standard test, Shell Diala S3 ZX-IG achieved

  • significantly better gas absorption than standard inhibited products, which are often gas evolving

Designed for long oil life

Inhibited oils such as Shell Diala S3 ZX-IG contain small amounts of additives to inhibit oxidation and thus prolong their life. In the industrystandard test, inhibited oils are subjected to tests that run

  • three times longer than those for uninhibited oils.

Designed for SYSTEM efficiency

Shell Diala S3 ZX-IG is designed to help maximise effectiveness by helping equipment to meet or exceed its design capabilities. Compared with the industry minimum requirements, it typically offers

  • good low-temperature viscosity, which provides optimised heat transfer at low temperatures

Specifications and approvals

Shell Diala S3 ZX-IG meets the requirements of the key industry tests and the specifications of most equipment manufacturers and utility companies.

Real-world value delivery

Shell Diala S3 ZX-IG is a premium, fully inhibited transformer oil that has been designed to have enhanced gas-absorbing properties. This makes it particularly suitable for generator transformer and HVDC converter applications.


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