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Shell Morlina S4 B


Shell Morlina S4 B uses advanced synthetic technology for outstanding lubrication performance. It has long oil life properties that can help your equipment to run for longer. It is recommended for moderately loaded gearboxes operating under severe conditions, such as low or high temperatures. It is also suitable for systems containing plain or rolling element bearings, and the highly loaded bearings found in cement or quarrying applications.

Designed to protect

Protecting components from damage can help to increase service life and maximise your return on investment. Shell Morlina S4 B can help to achieve this by providing

  • up to 33% greater weld load than the industry minimum to help prevent seizure of moving parts.

Excellent wear protection

Shell Morlina S4 B offers excellent all-round performance for the protection of many types of gears and bearings found in industrial systems. It meets or exceeds the minimum industry requirements for gear wear to help ensure protection of geared components in compressors.

Designed for long oil life

Shell Morlina S4 B clearly exceeds the minimum oil life requirements for many gear and bearing specifications, including those from industry bodies such as ANSI/AGMA and manufacturers including Cincinnati Machine. In the industry-standard test, Shell Morlina S4 B achieved

  • up to 63% better oxidation stability than the industry limit, for reduced maintenance requirements and enhanced productivity.

Designed for SYSTEM efficiency

Water separation and control of foaming are essential for maintaining protective oil films and ensuring proper flow of lubricant to the moving parts of a machine. Shell Morlina S4 B offers

  • up to 50% faster water separation compared with the industry minimum requirements to help maximise efficiency
  • up to 40% lower friction than conventional oils to maximise the efficiency of industrial gears.


Shell Morlina S4 B meets the requirements of a wide range of industry bodies and equipment manufacturers. ISO viscosity grades available: 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460, 680, 1000.

Real-world value delivery

Shell Morlina S4 B has brought significant savings to operators of heavy industrial equipment and where operating conditions are hot and severe. By switching from a conventional product one customer reports

  • increasing oil life by 400%
  • reducing bearing damage
  • increasing production by over $80,0001 worth of output a year.


Whatever your needs or application, Shell can provide a full range of oils and greases, including synthetic, high-performance products and additional services.