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Shell Spirax S6 ATF ZM


Shell Spirax S6 ATF ZM is a synthetic fluid developed by Shell Lubricants and ZF, a leading global transmission manufacturer. It is a fluid you can rely on to last for 150,000 km or three years, even under severe conditions, without risk to the transmission components or the warranty. Shell Spirax S6 ATF ZM enables you to extend oil-drain intervals with the confidence that the transmission components are protected from wear. Using Shell Spirax S6 ATF ZM can improved reliability in older ZF transmissions. It counteracts shudder for smooth gear shifts, and has a reduced-friction formula.

Designed to protect

Protecting automatic transmissions from wear, pitting and corrosion can help to extend component life and maximise your return on investment. Shell Spirax S6 ATF ZM offers exceptional protection, shear stability and friction properties that are designed to remain consistent throughout its life, thus helping to protect transmission components, even with extended oil-drain intervals.

Designed for long oil life

Limiting fluid degradation can help to prolong oil and component life. Shell Spirax S6 ATF ZM has exceptional resistance to physical and chemical breakdown, which means that it can go on protecting components for longer, thus reducing your maintenance efforts and costs. Shell Spirax S6 ATF ZM is approved by ZF for an extended oil-drain interval of 150,000 km or three years. The fluid has excellent thermal and oxidative stability, and very good low-temperature fluidity to help ensure that it goes on protecting for extended oil-drain intervals, even under severe conditions, which can reduce your maintenance and operating costs.


Shell Spirax S6 ATF ZM meets ZF TE-ML 4D, 14E, 16N and 20E; and MAN 339 Type Z4 (ZF Ecomat 150.000 km) requirements.


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