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Shell Spirax S6 AXME


Shell Spirax S6 AXME is Shell’s unique, fuel-efficient, long-life axle oil, and is designed to provide the ultimate protection for the latest heavyduty axles and manual transmissions where axle oil is specified. It is specifically formulated with synthetic base oils and additive technology for improved drive-train lubrication and lower operating temperatures. Shell Spirax S6 AXME also helps to promote longer life for equipment operating under highly stressful conditions.

Designed to protect

Protecting axles and manual transmissions from wear, pitting and corrosion can help to extend component life and maximise your return on investment. Shell Spirax S6 AXME

  • helps to prevent damaging deposits from forming in the gears, thanks to its high oxidation resistance, so components can last longer
  • offers far greater wear protection than an SAE 90 GL-5 reference oil in the FZG slow-speed wear test run over 120 hours, which evaluates lubricant performance under extreme wear conditions.

Designed for long oil life

Limiting fluid degradation can help to prolong oil and component life. Shell Spirax S6 AXME has exceptional resistance to physical and chemical breakdown, which means that it can go on protecting components for longer. It has

  • excellent oxidation resistance, as it remains within the oxidation limits for four times longer than the normal test period.


Shell Spirax S6 AXME has special frictional properties and high fluidity that reduce power loss, lower the operating temperature and offer higher mechanical efficiency. In hypoid gear tests, Shell Spirax S6 AXME reduced temperatures by 12ºC compared with an SAE 90 GL-5 reference oil. These properties can help to cut fuel costs for your business.


The benefits of Shell Spirax S6 AXME and Shell Spirax S6 GXME have been demonstrated through extensive laboratory tests and over 20 million kilometres of field trials. A wide range of industrial bodies and vehicle manufacturers recognises these benefits, and approves Shell Spirax S6 AXME, including for extended-drain-interval specifications. It is available in viscosity grades SAE 75W-90, R 75W-90, 75W-140 and 80W-140.


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