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Shell Tellus S3 M


Shell Tellus S3 M uses a unique, advanced, zinc-free anti-wear technology to deliver up to twice the life of Shell’s conventional mainstream products, improved pump protection and high efficiency levels. Engineered to work under hot and heavy load conditions, it is ideal for most manufacturing and
many mobile equipment operations. In addition, its reduced environmental impact (low toxicity towards aquatic life) can help progressive operators to manage the environmental impact of their operations.


All Shell Tellus products now meet the demanding cleanliness requirements of the DIN industry standard to help provide extra protection, improved filter performance and less maintenance.

Designed to protect

Protecting components from damage can help to increase service life and maximise your return on investment. Shell Tellus S3 M can help to
achieve this by providing

  • up to 76% less wear in demanding industry specification pump tests.
  • superior load-carrying capacity. Shell Tellus S3 M exceeds the industry standard for gear wear of ‘load stage 10’ by two load stages (load stage 12).

Designed for long oil life

Limiting fluid degradation can help to prolong oil life. Shell Tellus S3 M is designed to help you operate your equipment for longer without interruption – for reduced maintenance requirements and enhanced productivity. In the industry-standard oil life test, Shell Tellus S3 M achieved

  • up to five times longer oil life than the industry minimum.

Designed for high efficiency

A hydraulic fluid needs to protect, lubricate and transmit power efficiently. Shell Tellus S3 M is designed to help maximise productivity by helping equipment to meet or exceed its design capabilities. Compared with the industry minimum requirements, it offers

  • up to 71% faster air release for efficient and precise hydraulic power transmission
  • up to 72% better filterability to help ensure clean oil, low pressure loss and more efficient operation.


Shell Tellus S3 M meets the requirements of a wide range of industry bodies and equipment manufacturers. ISO viscosity grades available: 22, 32, 46, 68, 100.

Real-world value delivery

A wide variety of customers has unlocked value by moving to a higher quality hydraulic fluid. For instance, some have

  • extended their oil-drain interval by up to a factor of two for lower maintenance costs
  • increased their hydraulic pump life: one customer has reported repair savings of over $120,000 a year
  • enhanced efficiency for responsiveness and precision of movement from start-up to peak operating temperature.


Whatever your needs or application, Shell can provide a full range of oils and greases, including synthetic, high-performance products and additional services.